This song was kind of a re-write of an older song. Once I got back from Nashville, I wanted to apply some of the things I learned to older songs to make them better. Re-writing a song that was ‘not-so-good’ into a great song is not an easy thing. By trying, I came out with a totally new song all together.

This song was inspired about an old mirror that has been in our family a long time. If one came somehow play back all the things a mirror must have seen over the years, it would be a wonderful memory of the past. I tried to capture that and put it in a song. I also wanted to use some of those different chord progressions that I learned from the Nashville instructor Steve Leslie. I have many songs that use the ‘BM’ chord…but Steve Leslie would also invoke an ‘F#’ to give it a little unexpected contrast. When I was writing this song, I purposely did the same chord progressions Steve Leslie would have used.

This is also the very first song I have ever written that has a ‘Bridge’ after the chorus. A bridge is a contrasted partial verse or highlight to get across more information in a short time. It usually off-sets the song when it is sounding too ‘blah’. This bridge was actually a verse in the first writings.

Some say this song is a little creepy…but I think it is very common for people to kind of fear a mirror and everything it must have seen over the years.