You Don’t Love Me wasn’t written about Ken. It was written from a view of what was happening to one of his siblings during the time when they were splitting up and going separate ways. Ken finished writing the song in November of 1993, but later modified it about a year afterwards around Christmas 1994.

The song talks about being in a relationship and the heartbreak of two people splitting up; eventually getting divorced. The song is sung from a male point of view about how difficult it is to let his wife go. “It was a very sad time for many of us in our family, especially the ones going through the break up. So many times I would visit them and have such a great time listening to Country Music, playing cards or a board game, and drinking beer. My memories of these times will always be wonderful…it was too bad that ended”.

Ken recording this song on October 28, 2011 with only 12 takes to get it perfect. You can hear Ken playing 12-String, 6-String, Bass, and singing. Ken hopes you enjoy this version; compared to the 1994 version also available on the side.