Facebook’s New Look Is Yucky !!!

Many people have now commented about how much they dislike Facebook’s new look.

We are going to start posting our comments on this blog instead of Facebook until they re-redesign the site. If they do not, then we might just stop using the site to promote the songs all together.

On Monday night, March 19, 2012, Ken and the band 3 Piece Bucket played Ken’s song “I Won’t Give It Another Try” in public. Al Lemmond and Ken have been toying with the sound of the song for a while, and with a little practice and playing different parts, this was the result.

You can listen to the live version recorded at Harvey’s Bar & Grill on our ReverbNation site.

This Monday, we will be trying the song again and hope to get a better recording to post online. If you are in the Charlotte area, stop by Harvey’s Bar & Grill to hear us perform.

Harvey’s Bar & Grill
13812 Cinnabar Pl, Huntersville, NC