SONG: Printed In Black and White

Today, January 3, 2012, Ken wrote a new song. The idea came to him when flipping through a newspaper; he turned the page and saw all the wedding/engagement announcements. One of the photos showed a very pretty lady who was smiling, but if you looked real hard, she seemed angry at the same time. Ken thought it odd compared to all the other pictures in the paper. So, he decided to write a song about it.

Ken envisioned that she was getting back at her ex-boyfriend (or ex-husband) by putting a bad relationship behind her and getting married again. This song is from the perspective of the ex-boyfriend or (ex-husband) drinking his morning coffee and he just happens to turn the page and sees her picture in the paper after several years. He thinks back to the relationship and…well you’ll have to listen to the song.

Ken wrote this in a matter of hours…the words just seemed to come to him along with the melody. Click the song’s title below and give it a listen.

Printed in Black and White


Song: When I Think Of You

Ken remixed an old song of his today. Previously written sometime in 1994 and hidden from view for the past 15 years.

Ken had decided to go on vacation to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for a long weekend back in 1994. When he arrived on the beaches, he had a very inspiring moment come over him and he began writing. He sat on a wall outside someone’s house on a private beach and started writing in a little handheld notebook. He was inspired by all the sad looking old people that would walk by him. Some of them were alone…others with their wives/husbands. The all looked so lonely, so sad…and old.

The song could not be finished in one day. The next morning, Ken remembers having breakfast and went back to the beach he was writing the previous day. He was able to quickly finish the song and recorded it once he arrived back in Connecticut.

This song sat in the archive files for many years before Ken would take it out and re-record the song once again. Ken plays this song out at Harvey’s Bar & Grill in Huntersville, NC every now and then. You can also find a recording of this on ReverbNation at the website link below.


Song: Moment In Time

Released 11/24/2011, Ken wrote this song about change. What it is like when somebody leaves and the other person is left behind. Just about everyone had gone through this at one point in their life…hopefully this song has captured the feeling and sadness that it brings.

The song was supposed to just have a piano playing in the background, but when Ken started recording it on a digital piano/keyboard, he stumbled on a violin sound that the keyboard could make. He never did get the sound levels just right though, the violins are too loud. “The violins actually sound like they are crying…while the voice singing is telling them…it is going to be okay…it is just one moment in time and it will pass”.

Regardless of what is going on in a person’s life, a story can be told in the eyes. If you try to make each day just a little better by doing something different to get you over whatever stumbling block you are trying to overcome, before you know it, enough time will have passed and the stumbling block will be gone. “Keep your sadness under wrap…don’t allow it to take control”.

A simple drive down to the store, or to work, or spending it with others…make sure you put on a fake smile if you have to…don’t let your stumbling block win the battle. Before you know it…time will have passed and you will be out of the woods.


I Survive (aka: I Survived)

Ken has been working on a new song that will be make public on Friday, 11-11-11.

The song is titled ‘I Survived’ and speaks about being true to one’s self. It is a spiritual awakening that Ken has been going through for the past few months. Not a Buddha thing…nor a Christian thing…it is just becoming a little more spiritual aware.

Look for it to be released on Friday with words and music. (Ken’s not quite done with it yet)


This song is officially released on 11-11-11.

Ken wanted to write a song describing how it feels getting out of the ‘rat race’ and back to a normal life in the mountains.

The times of today seem so crazy…almost insane. Everyone is so hung up on their pride, they cannot be themselves. The economy is crap, our government is acting like children, and people are hurting financially. Ken writes how he has managed to overcome all that; not waiting for a miracle or praying that he would just die. (as the song goes)

The voice Ken speaks of is his inner voice (we all have one). The inner voice that has conversations with yourself. You know, when you ask yourself, “why did I do that?”, or something similar. Ken is saying that his inner voice no longer talks him into his old bad habits of craziness. He no longer has to ‘keep up with the Jones’.

Ken now watches other people and the strange things they do; completely aware of everything going on around him. Ken is at peace with himself and comfortable within his body…regardless if he is fat, short, balding, etc. He feels almost like he has been reborn with a clear mind…(no more drama).

Ken blends in with everyone else, but if you get a good look at his eyes, they still tell a very tired and worn out story. Ken fights his own demons and tries to keep them away from his day-to-day life. He presses forward…feeling relieved and relaxed, no longer feeling sad and unhappy of his situation.

So Ken survives. He breaks through that emotional prison that kept him from reaching his goals and spiritual achievements. He lives in the hills of North Carolina on the western side of the state. No longer waiting for a miracle to break the viscous cycle in Florida or a bad economy and mounting bills. At times Ken would pray that he would die…but now that has all turned around. Life goes on…and a better person comes out of the past teachings of life.


Song: Memories On My Mind

Memories On My Mind was originally written in 1989 when Ken stopped drinking for a while. He had just ruined a relationship due to his heavy drinking at the time and of course, things were said that could not be taken back.

Ken describes how in the most quiet times of his life, a beautiful memory would come into his mind about the good times of the relationship. Thinking of the good times always brightened Ken’s day and it is expressed in this song.

Memories On My Mind tells the story of time passing by after a break-up and thinking back on the times, it was not all bad…many good things come out of a relationship. Many thoughts of ‘could of, would of, should of’ for example.

When Ken remixed this song this morning, he decided to have some fun with it and put in some harmony in the background. It is supposed to be a memory song that is played over and over in your head. Kind of like dreaming of times gone past. That is how Ken thought up the ‘Oooooh and Aaaahhh’ background of the song.


New Music Mix: Jim Croce’s – I Have To Say I Love You In A Song

This morning, Ken mixed a real classic that he has been practicing very often. It is the 1973 hit I have to say I love you in a song. Ken had been learning the song for just over a month before he would attempt to even try to record his version.

Ken wrote to Ingrid Croce, the wife of Jim Croce out in California. He explained he wanted so much to learn Jim’s songs and could she suggest a video that would show Jim playing the song live. Ingrid responded that there were several DVD’s on the song and suggesting a few ‘learning videos’, she sent Ken a whole package of stuff.

Ken would spend hours trying to learn the song properly…and last night, finally decided to attempt the recording. “It went better than I thought. It only took me 9 tries to lay down a one track. Once the base track was down, the rest fell into place”.

I hope everyone listening enjoys Ken’s version of the song.


Song: The Mirror

Ken wrote this song sometime back in late 1983. It was written about a carpentry project Ken and his Grandfather Albert Benoit made in the basement of his Aunt Rita’s house in Pawtucket, RI.

Ken was always making little carpentry things with his Aunt Rita, so she thought it would be nice for Ken to make something with his Grandfather. The decision of a mirror was suggested by his Grandfather. When Ken’s Aunt Rita had remodeled her bathroom, she replaced the mirror and medicine cabinet that used to hang in the room. The medicine cabinet was a sliding mirror just under the main wall mounted mirror. It was from this original 1930′s mirror the carpentry project would be made.

Ken’s Grandfather, ‘Pepe Benoit’ thought it would be nice to make a colonial style frame and Ken’s Aunt Rita suggested an American Eagle to be placed in the center on the top. Pepe’ Benoit actually made the first and second cuts to the glass mirror and Ken, with his Pepe’s help, made the two remaining cuts.

Rita had some old pine shelves lying around, so Ken’s Pepe Benoit cut the pieces down into strips while Ken caught the wood as it came out of the other side of the table saw. Ken’s Pepe also thought wooden dowels would be a nice accent and told Ken where to drill the holes with the drill-press. Dowels were cut to length and glued into place. A grocery store brown paper bag was glued all the way around the back side of the mirror to ‘finish it off’. Ken Mother wrote on the back the date it was completed and it continues to be a high treasured item in the Benoit / Menard family.

After the entire carpentry project was completed in June 1980, Ken took very good care of the mirror and how it lasted 31 years is beyond belief. Although the wood has cracked in one spot, the mirror remains clear to this day.

Ken has said on several occasions that when he stares into the mirror he can ‘See People Of Yesterday’. The mirror shows times of great triumph and great sorrow throughout Ken’s life. Ken remembers in 1983 when he had been informed about his Grandfather’s death, it was hanging in his bedroom in Connecticut. As Ken looked into the mirror, he could see the reflection of the Autumn leaves on the trees outside as steady tears rolled from his eyes.

This song actually includes one of the first recordings played by Ken on his new Christmas present, an Applause 12-String guitar.

Ken has not remixed this song yet, but plans to do so in the next few weeks.


Song: Daddy Dear

This song was written by Ken around 1993. It is about Ken’s father Gabriel Gilles Menard and how in 1979, Ken’s parents were legally divorced. Ken’s parents separated years before that, but Ken still remembers the moment in time when his Mother and Father had the talk about splitting up. Ken should have been in bed, but for some reason was in the next room listening to his parent’s every word.

Ken’s father lived in Hartford in an apartment at 82 Tremont Street for a while. On weekends, Ken would visit and his Father and he would go bowling, or watch a movie, or just play games / cards.

Several years later, Ken’s Father was taken to the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill, CT to be admitted. He had been living under the worst possible conditions in the dead of winter. For fear he would freeze to death, his five siblings and brother-in-law decided to get Gabe into the VA Home. Gabe lived there for the remainder of his life. Gabe passed away on September 23rd, 2003.

Ken always looked up to his Father; who never spanked him, hit him, or yelled at him. Gabe had such a gentle but firm way of showing his feelings when Ken did wrong. ‘If looks could speak’.

This song has not been remixed yet, but is in line to be completed soon.


Song: A Loved One

This song was written by Ken the Friday after the funeral of Ken’s dear Aunt Rita from Rhode Island. Rita was such a wonderful lady whom Ken was always eager to visit. Many times he would spend the summer with her and her husband. Rita was the sister of Ken’s mother Eva and the two of them visited pretty often.

The funeral really took it’s toll on Ken and there were several times he would break down crying so hard; his mother comforted him and just hugged him until he stopped sobbing.

When Ken was able to get up the words to describe how his Aunt Rita made an impact on his life, he began writing. On June 22nd, 1990, the song was finished within two hours.

Ken’s Aunt Rita steered him straight when he drifted away many times. Spending many summers in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, they would venture off to Jamestown and finally into Newport. It was one summer when Ken understood the phrase ‘off your rocker’ after saying this about his Uncle Bob. Bob really was off his rocker…and Ken wanted to sit in it before he got back. Rita misunderstood Ken and informed him what that phrase really meant. Of course it was not meant they way it came out, but looking back now, it must have been pretty funny for such a young kid to be saying such a thing. They probably laughed over it that evening after everyone went to bed. Things kids say.

Rita has a very distinctive laugh that could be heard in a crowd of people all talking. When she laughed, she made others laugh; making the happiness ‘so worth while’.

Although Ken has not remixed this song yet, it is coming soon. Ken wants to re-capture the same feeling he had when he wrote the song just over 21 years ago. The song is sung as a ballad and he always envisioned mostly piano music in the background with a soft slower beat.


Song: I Won’t Give It Another Try

This song was written by Ken back in the early 90′s. It was about when the phone rang at quarter of three in the morning. His finance answered the phone and it was this guy she had been getting very close with while at work. Ken thought it odd that someone would call at this time and when he started asking questions, she kept avoiding the subject.

Of course, that relationship was not going anywhere very quickly, so in order to get the problem off his chest, so to speak, he decided to put it into a song and write about it while it was still fresh in his mind.

When Ken moved from Florida to Charlotte, NC in the summer of 2011, while he was unpacking some music books and tapes, he stumbled upon this song which he completely forgot ever writing. Imagine his surprise when he played the tape and heard the song written some 20 years earlier.

Ken recently remixed the song with drums, piano, bass, electric guitar, 12-string guitar, 6-string guitar, and of course singing with himself in harmony on one of the tracks. “It came out pretty good…better than I imagined. I was just having fun with it and it showed in the song. If you notice at the end, there is whistling just before the tape ends”. Ken states that the whistling was a sign that time goes on and he whistled because it was such a catchy beat.

You can listen to it here:

Some may say that this song can be referred to many other relationship that do not end well. That may be, but this song was written almost 20 years ago and still rings a familiar issue in many other people’s lives even today.


Jim Croce Songs

As some of you may have noticed, there are some Jim Croce songs highlighted in yellow on the MUSIC page. Ken decided that he would like to add songs that he enjoys singing and playing on piano or guitar. Jim Croce has always been a favorite of Ken’s and when he wrote to Ingrid Croce, she encouraged him to learn the songs just the way they were played by her husband.

As Ken continues to learn all the songs, he found some Karaoke music that just had the instruments playing in the background. Ken used these recording for several songs as a master track. After the initial track has been put down, Ken would record himself playing the 12-string guitar on another track. He would then add his 6-string guitar to yet another track…and so on. Lastly, Ken has been using his 12-String guitar to play the top low string like a bass guitar. He slides his finger up and down the fret board to make different sounds…By doing this, it makes the recording more full of detailed guitar playing.

If Ken had to perform any of these songs live, there would be no way he could duplicate all the 8-tracks of music he uses to play each song. Ken has been using a Zoom R8 model mixer which can record 8 tracks (different recordings) at once (hence the name 8-track). On some of the songs, only 3 tracks are needed to get the desired sound.

Soon, Ken will figure out how to add some reverb to his voice through this pretty complicated piece of machinery. When that happens, there is no telling what kind of sound he will be able to get from this cool mixer.

Ken is trying to capture the stereo sound Country Singer Lorrie Morgan has on her website right now as an intro page. When you go to her website, listen to her short video clip of her talking. Her voice sounds so clear in stereo. Lorrie Morgan is Ken’s favorite female singer…she can be found at ( Also on her page, she features her son, Jesse Keith Whitley, only son of the late Keith Whitley. Keith had several number one hits such as, I’m No Stranger To The Rain, Miami, My Amy, Don’t Close Your Eyes, I Wonder, Do You Think Of Me, and When You Say Nothing At All.

Keith died in May 1989, but his memory and music lives on. Earlier this year, Keith Whitley was inducted into The Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame and his son Jesse was there to accept the award. Jesse can also been heard singing his songs and his version of his dad’s Don’t Close Your Eyes on his Facebook Page. (


Song: You Don’t Love Me

You Don’t Love Me wasn’t written about Ken. It was written from a view of what was happening to one of his siblings during the time when they were splitting up and going separate ways. Ken finished writing the song in November of 1993, but later modified it about a year afterwards around Christmas 1994.

The song talks about being in a relationship and the heartbreak of two people splitting up; eventually getting divorced. The song is sung from a male point of view about how difficult it is to let his wife go. “It was a very sad time for many of us in our family, especially the ones going through the break up. So many times I would visit them and have such a great time listening to Country Music, playing cards or a board game, and drinking beer. My memories of these times will always be wonderful…it was too bad that ended”.

Ken recording this song on October 28, 2011 with only 12 takes to get it perfect. You can hear Ken playing 12-String, 6-String, Bass, and singing. Ken hopes you enjoy this version; compared to the 1994 version also available on the side.


Song: Modern Day Country

Ken recorded and uploaded Modern Day Country today, October 27, 2011. This song had only one recorded version of it on a cassette tape stashed away in his vault for the past 23 years.

Modern Day Country is about a conglomerate of times throughout Ken’s life in which there has been happiness and sadness. Ken woke up one morning feeling pride for his country and decided to write a song about having pride for the United States and Country Music. Although this song may not be the best thing he has ever written, it was added to his collection on ReverbNation / ReverbRadio.

You can hear Ken playing both 12-String and 6-String guitar in this song while he added the digital drums in the background. Ken hopes you enjoy this song and looks to entertain people for years to come.


Song: Understanding You

On October 25, 2011, Ken successfully recorded this ‘unrecorded’ song out of his archives. Unfortunately, there was no recording of this song on any tapes or CD’s. After several days of pondering over the lyrics and trying to remember how this song was sung, Ken attempted the recording. There was only one mistake in the recording, but it took so much out of Ken to sing it, he decided not to try to do it again. As it was, it took him 6 tries to get this version. The mistake is when he is singing the last verse ‘Tell me now so I’ll relax’ – somehow it sounds like he said ‘Tell me now so I’ll re-blax’. A fumble over words.

This song was written about a relationship back in the early 90′s when Ken lived in Manchester, CT across from Wickham Park, right on the East Hartford / Manchester town line. Ken enjoyed the relationship for some reason she seemed very distant whenever visiting. Many times she would spend the night; yet it felt like Ken was alone. “She just would not open up to me and it always seemed there was somewhere else she wanted to be. It was a very odd relationship, but a very memorable one”.

Eventually, Ken re-record this song when he had more time and energy. Ken has been fighting off a cold or something for the past week, but felt the need to get this song done. He hopes you enjoy the freshness of this song and to recognize how different it is from most everything else he has done.


Song: Starting Over

Staring Over was written on September 11, 2011 and a copyright protection recorded the same day.

It speaks about Ken having to let go of his pride and giving up his store in Florida. Ken also broke up his empire, left the house, the dog, and all his friends behind to start a new life closer to his brother and sister. ‘No More Headaches or Drama’ refer to the pains and experiences of owning a small business in this economy. Ken’s relationship was also not going very well and on many occasions ‘drama’ would rule the day.

The white car is Ken’s current automobile; it still drives well, but it does not drive down the same streets or highways. The scenery has changed and there are no more pretentious people he has to deal with anymore. Living in the mountains can be very peaceful…nature is all around. There are no more ‘rude people’ like Ken would be exposed to from his store and even a few people he associated with in his personal life.

Ken starting building a childhood game called TOC. It has always been in his family; his father made one out of plywood and lightbright pegs. It was also played with a deck of cards and one would move around the board and try to get all your pegs into your goal. The game was always played by up to four people. Ken wanted to make a six person version, so with the help of his sister and some nice oak planks, he made such a board. Reaching the new horizons is about getting back to the basics again. Ken has always been very fond of music and he wanted to start promoting songs that he wrote to the people back in Nashville.

Although moving to Charlotte has been very adventuresome for Ken, he has not made any friends. Unless his brother or sister are around, most of the time he can be found dining alone either at home or at a local restaurant. The only home cooked meals are the ones he cooks. Ken’s hair has slowed down with the graying process…probably due to much less stress. “The days go by so long here…probably because I am home all alone most of the time and have not found employment”. When Ken looks into the mirror, he sees an aging person that he doesn’t recognize. Lost is that young kid he remembers himself being not so long ago. “The last few years have really taken its toll on me and my aging process…I look like crap, but I am getting better. There is no longer any stress in my life regardless of what gets thrown at me”.

So, Ken continues his day-to-day living not knowing what tomorrow brings. Honestly, does anyone?


Song: Moonlit Mornings of Yesteryear

This was written sometime in the early 1990′s. It was about a girl named Karen that Ken really liked…they spent quite a bit of time together. Karen had a brother named Bruce…Ken and Bruce were actually friends before Karen ever entered the picture.

Bruce did not like the fact that Ken and Karen were starting to get close, so he would take drastic measures to make sure a relationship would not form. “He was kind of selfish if I remember correctly, and would go to extremes to get his way”.

The song was written about an evening that Karen and Ken went to Newport, RI. They ended up at the beach after eating a nice dinner in Ken’s favorite restaurant. Ken knew a waiter by the name of Peter who always knew it was going to be a good night when Ken came into town. Peter met Karen and suggested a nice stroll on the beach after dinner.

Karen and Ken were all dressed up; Ken in a suit and Karen in a very attractive dress. Eventually, the two of them had a lot to drink and ended up making out on the beach well after the restaurant closed under the stars with the moon shining in the background. Peter brought the two of them a bottle of Champagne and two glasses while he finished his work and eventually closed up the place. Around 3:00 in the morning, Karen and Ken decided to drive back to Connecticut…both had sobered up by then. Ken remembers Karen filling his suit pockets up with beach sand…and the next morning, there was plenty of it on his floor.

The song starts to describe how Newport must have been in the early 1900′s. The hill up high that Ken refers to was the Cliffwalk that Ken frequented often during his late teens and early adult life. There never was an Oak tree to speak of, but Ken put it in the song anyways. The songs ends wondering how things might have been if Ken were able to have that special relationship with Karen. “She was the best thing that came into my life at the time…I was so stupid to listen to her brother and screw it all up. I was indeed very young back then”.

Ken often wonders about Karen; who she married, where she lives, and if she ever thinks about those days in Newport. I guess we will never know…unless she finds Ken and comments on this blog.


Song: She’s Still Gone

She’s Still Gone always gets Ken confused with Since You’re Gone. Both were written around the same time and on the same topic. Again, the song was not written about anyone in particular, but on circumstances surrounding one of Ken’s friends that was going through a rough time.

Ken has this fascination about mirrors…you can hear them being mentioned in many of his songs. “When I look into a mirror, it makes me think of all the things that have happened in my life. It is like a time machine…always looking back at how things used to be…even my own reflection changes each time I see myself. Hmmm, that wrinkle wasn’t there before…when the hell did that happen. You know, stuff like that”. When Ken wrote She’s Still Gone, he still had a drinking problem and would often sit at a bar, think of his problems, and drink some beers.

Ken always wanted a very catchy beat with this song…it was supposed to be sad, but it was also supposed to a party song.


Song: Since You’re Gone

Since You’re Gone was written back in 1988. It was written about the rebound of a broken relationship – one part being glad to be out of a relationship and the other part being lonely that the relationship is over.

Ken did not write this song about anyone in particular, but did get the inspiration from a friend of his that was going through a lot of ups and downs. Ken recently remixed this song in October of 2011 and posted it online with both versions available. He was playing around with some beats in his head and came up with one from a website of drum mixes that caught his attention.

Since You’re Gone is 23 years old this year. This song was one of the songs that were sent out to the Nashville Song Plugger Association with Larry Lee. Ken had a contract with Larry Lee for a while and sent numerous songs to him in the early 1990′s. Since You’re Gone has been played for Producers Tony Brown, Jack Gale, Doug Johnson, Steve Buckingham, and Clyde Brooks. Recording artists BB Watson, Vince Gill, Doug Stone, and Mark Collie have all heard this song.

Ken has once again attempted to tap into the Country Music market by sending his songs to Record Producers in the Nashville area.


Songs: Keith Whitley

Keith Whitley has always been an inspiration for Ken. Keith had this voice that sounded so different than anything else in Country music. Ken was able to do a pretty good impression of Keith by putting a small ice cube under his tongue. Ken wanted to be like Keith…wanted to be able to play his songs. This was in the day before Karaoke. Ken even grew a beard and curled his hair into a light perm.

Ken recorded the songs on the website out of respect for Keith. “It is kind of a tribute to Keith Whitley…although I could never sing the songs as good as he could”.

Recently, Ken stumbled onto Keith Whitley’s son Jesse who was born a few years before Keith passed away. “I saw a You Tube video of Jesse singing ‘Tell Lorrie I Love Her’. Lorrie Morgan is Jesse’s mother…who married Keith Whitley in 1986. In the You Tube video, Jesse is all grown up and brings his mom on stage to sit down while he sings her a song. Little did she know what he was going to do…you can hear her say something like ‘Jesse, I can’t handle this right now’, but Jesse sang it to her anyway after giving her a drink. The song was dedicated to Lorrie Morgan, but from Jesse’s Dad in heaven. When I ever heard that part, the goose bumps started. I actually cried while he was singing the song. I have no idea how Lorrie was able to keep it together…I would have been bawling! If it wasn’t for that video, I would have never known about Jesse”.

Ken and Jesse follow each other on twitter and both are friends on Facebook. There are other songs that Jesse has sung that were his dad’s top hits…and he does a pretty good job with them.

Ken looks forward to the day when he can actually meet Jesse and chat with him about music.


Song: Life Is A Gamble

Life is a Gamble was written in 1989 when Ken was looking for a professional band to help him record. Ken ran into this person named Tami who sang for a band in the Farmington, Connecticut area. Tami was very anxious to see what kind of songs Ken was writing.

“I think she anticipated that I would hire her and her band if she let me sing with them…anyhow, money never changed hands but I was able to get a very rough copy of what we recorded. We did that recording in about 4 or 5 takes. Tami did not have very good recording equipment at the time…so she did the best she could do. I sounded horrible after listening to the tape…but it was all I had. I was off key in several areas of the song and way too loud. I wish to this day that it would have been just the music playing in the background. They were really talented musicians and came up with everything on the fly. The keyboard guy was awesome…he said he just thought of it in his head”.

Ken attempted to mix the song, but the website he has been using for the drums and bass did not have the correct tempo. Ken thinks the song is being played way too fast…eventually he will re-record it again when he can find some ‘live’ musicians that can play like Tami and her band played back in 1989.

The song was written about a one night stand Ken had back in the days. He said he felt ‘cheap’ when he woke up and found himself alone. All things started to go through his head and figured it would be a good time to get it down on paper. Ken mixed his experiences with a previous girlfriend that he had been living with sometime before. “She was always coming home in a horrible mood…yelling things…getting the dog all wound up. All the time she was cheating on me, yet blaming me of cheating on her. When I think back on it now, it was a crazy period in my life”.

Life is a gamble tells about how everyone is dealt their own hand to play in life. They can make what they want to out of what they have. They can ‘trade in’ a card for something else…kind of like getting rid of something and replacing it with something else. Everyone wants to shoot for the stars…or be the best they can be. That is what Ken tried to relay in this song. “I don’t trust a sure thing…but I’ll take what I can”.


Song: Daddy Dear

Ken finally got to this song yesterday, October 11th, 2011.

Ken had a lot of fun mixing this song. It was by accident he came up with the unique strumming pattern. After listening to it on his track mixer, he found it kind of nice…so he started experimenting with it a little. After several hours of mixing and playing, he finally got it right. ‘That strum pattern is hard to get correct in the places that you hear it very clear. I kept messing up and had to re-record it about 20 times. By the end of the day, my hand was so sore”.