Charlotte Live Open Mic

This evening, Monday, December 5th, 2011, Ken played at Harvey’s Bar & Grill in Huntersville, NC. It seems that the crowd really enjoyed his music.

Ken played 7 songs: The first 5 were: ‘I Won’t Give It Another Try’, ‘I Survive’, ‘Learning To Live Again’, ‘Moment In Time’ and ‘Fourteen Carat Mind’. After the 5th song, the crowd was looking at Ken with anticipation of what the next song would be, so Ken played ‘Arms Full Of Empty, by Buck Owens’. After that song was finished, Ken was getting ready to wrap it up and had already unplugged his guitar from the speakers, when the crowd said…’Do One More’. Ken quickly thought of another song that he could do and came up with ‘Bad Bad Leroy Brown’ by Jim Croce.

The crowd seemed to really enjoy the music. Several people specifically came up to Ken and told him how good he was and asked if he would play again next week. One old guy with a beard came up to Ken and said that his song ‘I Survive’ really got to him. He was so moved he asked if Ken would do it again next week.

After a little time had passed…Ken was sitting down and several other people came up to him to say that he was really good and would he be back next week. Ken assured them he would return.

The guy that basically runs the place sat down with Ken and said that he really appreciated the songs and asked if he could return next week to do ‘Learning To Live Again’ along with ‘Fourteen Carat Mind’. Ken agreed and said he will also have a few new songs that would really show his voice off for the crowd.

So, it looks like Ken will be playing this venue every Monday night for a while. If you find yourself in Huntersville, NC anytime soon on a Monday night, stop by at Harvey’s Bar & Grill to hear Ken play around 8:00pm.


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