You Tube Videos

Ken now plays and sings two nights a week…one location in Huntersville and the other in Concord. He has been experimenting with recording videos and uploading them to You Tube.

On December 16th, 2011, Ken uploaded his first attempt for a You Tube video under the ID Name ‘Itsgr82bMax’. Ken used to have a dog called Max, so this is where the phrase, “It’s Great To Be Max” comes from.

Ken uploaded the old Buck Owens song, ‘Arms Full of Empty’ and his song ‘I Won’t Give it Another Try’ as a test. Both songs were in very poor quality due to the old camera he had to work with. He will redo these videos in the next week or so with a better camera he found in the garage. Hopefully it will produce a better quality than what is already out there. He will also figure out how to deal with his dark beard under his nose compared to his gray beard everywhere else! :)

Video # 1 – Arms Full of Empty – (
Video # 2 – I Won’t Give It Another Try – (

Look to You Tube either by searching for ‘Ken Menard’ or by his ID Name ‘Itsgr82bMax’ for all future videos coming soon.

You can also find Ken’s You Tube videos on ReverbNation – ( for your viewing pleasure.


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