May 2012 Comes To An End

Had a great time while in Connecticut & Rhode Island celebrating my 46th birthday on May 18th. Thanks to everyone who participated in making my trip great.

I also caught a pretty nasty cold the 2nd day I arrived. I was not able to get any recording in while I was up there…I just couldn’t sing. My voice was pretty bad.

I visited with friends, stayed with my folks and siblings, and went on the Newport Dinner Train with my ex-fiance Lisa who I have not seen in over 22 years. Needless to say we had a lot of catching up to do…but we picked it right up where we left it so long ago.

By Sunday night, (May 20th), I was ready to go home…my cold was getting worse and the DayQuil I was taking was no longer doing any good. I stopped into my favorite hotel (Marriott at the end of West Street in Rocky Hill, CT) and got a great night’s sleep before departing the next morning. (Their beds are incredible!)

The 13 hour drive back to Charlotte was bad enough – me being sick and all…but it rained the entire way. A few times I looked up at the sky and said to God…”really…it needs to rain non-stop today?”

I arrived back home around 10:30 PM Monday night the 21st of May. Took some cold medicine and went right to bed. Slept pretty late the next morning, then eventually ventured out to do a few errands.

Finally went to the doctor on Thursday, the 24th. They ran a bunch of tests…even went to the hospital for more tests and X-Rays. They wanted to keep me overnight. It seems I have developed a very bad case of walking pneumonia which was boarding on regular pneumonia. It was also determined that there is something in my lung but it could be just really inflamed. They want to see me again next week to see if it goes away after I finish the 7 medications they gave me to take. I blame it on my visit to Connecticut because I rarely ever get sick.

Friday turned into a vomiting haven…I could no longer keep any food down and I was feeling worse. Back to the doctor’s I went with a whole new set of medication to take. Seems something the doctor gave me did not agree with my body and was making my sicker. After several more days of resting, sleeping, and taking medicines, I was finally getting better.

Although I still cannot sing right now, I have been improving a little every day. I still need to cut a few more tracks for the release of my new Album on June 15th titled “Starting Over”.

Look for it on iTunes starting June 15th, 2012.

-Ken Menard

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