April Update

I have been very bad about my posts here. I am going to try and do more…at least once a month. Since my last post, so much has happened. I guess the most important things were the release of my single CD on iTunes (I SURVIVE) and the formation of my little band (well kind of).

The person who runs the Open Mic Nights at Pucketts Farm Equipment in Charlotte (Derita) every Monday night at 7:00PM; has been not only teaching me more about the guitar, but has become the coordinator of our practice groups. His name is Al Lemmond who already has a band (3 Piece Bucket). He found Larry Gray and Cindy Garris. It seems that everyone plays guitar…but for now, it is fine. Eventually, I would like to find some others who play a different instrument.

After practice, I bring the recordings home and add my piano playing abilities to the songs. So far, they sound good, but no one in the group ever gets to hear the full sound. On my ReverbNation site, I have put up two practice songs (PRINTED IN BLACK AND WHITE) and (I DON’T RECOGNIZE THIS WORLD I’M IN) with the piano added. I desperately need to find someone who plays the drums and bass guitar.

I also joined NSAI (NASHVILLE SONGWRITERS ASSOCIATION INC). We currently meet once a month and this July, I will be attending a summer camp in Nashville. Hopefully, I will be able to have a good quality recording of my PRINTED IN BLACK AND WHITE song on CD to pass out. It is very important that I get this done in time. Although my budget for doing so is not very good, I was hoping to get a recording done without getting into a studio.

I am still working for the Chevrolet Dealership in Charlotte, NC. Although things are not going as I would like, I am sticking around until something better comes along. At least it is a paycheck where I can put in an honest day’s work to support myself.

I have been improving my yodeling techniques and started writing a song where I can do a little yodel. When I was a child, my mother (who also yodels) used to play the song CATTLE CALL by EDDY ARNOLD. Also, Leann Rimes did that remake ‘BLUE’ made famous by Patsy Cline. I have started a song (not yet completed) that puts in a yodel very similar to both of those songs.

I have been researching some older songs that I would like to sing, and tonight I will get to try them out with the group. John Denver’s song BACK HOME AGAIN has been playing over and over in my car whenever I drive to or from work. I wanted to really get to know the song before I try to sing it at an Open Mic. Of course like most of you, I first heard this song when John Denver sang it on the radio. I have always liked some of John Denver’s songs…and recently heard it from the Avett Brothers on You Tube. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vAStdY-4Am8&feature=youtu.be&a). I decided (after singing it like 100 or so times) that I would like to add this to my list of songs to perform.

So for now, I will continue to do what I can to further my music quest. I am also learning a song from MO PITNEY who has become my most recent favorite singer in Nashville. Look for more coming from this guy in the next few months. Rumor is that Keith Whitley’s son JESSE contacted him about doing a number together. Only good things can come from that…and the way MO PITNEY does Keith’s song MIAMI MY AMY, sends a chill down my spine.

More coming soon…until then, be safe and God speed.

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