Songs: Keith Whitley

Keith Whitley has always been an inspiration for Ken. Keith had this voice that sounded so different than anything else in Country music. Ken was able to do a pretty good impression of Keith by putting a small ice cube under his tongue. Ken wanted to be like Keith…wanted to be able to play his songs. This was in the day before Karaoke. Ken even grew a beard and curled his hair into a light perm.

Ken recorded the songs on the website out of respect for Keith. “It is kind of a tribute to Keith Whitley…although I could never sing the songs as good as he could”.

Recently, Ken stumbled onto Keith Whitley’s son Jesse who was born a few years before Keith passed away. “I saw a You Tube video of Jesse singing ‘Tell Lorrie I Love Her’. Lorrie Morgan is Jesse’s mother…who married Keith Whitley in 1986. In the You Tube video, Jesse is all grown up and brings his mom on stage to sit down while he sings her a song. Little did she know what he was going to do…you can hear her say something like ‘Jesse, I can’t handle this right now’, but Jesse sang it to her anyway after giving her a drink. The song was dedicated to Lorrie Morgan, but from Jesse’s Dad in heaven. When I ever heard that part, the goose bumps started. I actually cried while he was singing the song. I have no idea how Lorrie was able to keep it together…I would have been bawling! If it wasn’t for that video, I would have never known about Jesse”.

Ken and Jesse follow each other on twitter and both are friends on Facebook. There are other songs that Jesse has sung that were his dad’s top hits…and he does a pretty good job with them.

Ken looks forward to the day when he can actually meet Jesse and chat with him about music.


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