Jim Croce Songs

As some of you may have noticed, there are some Jim Croce songs highlighted in yellow on the MUSIC page. Ken decided that he would like to add songs that he enjoys singing and playing on piano or guitar. Jim Croce has always been a favorite of Ken’s and when he wrote to Ingrid Croce, she encouraged him to learn the songs just the way they were played by her husband.

As Ken continues to learn all the songs, he found some Karaoke music that just had the instruments playing in the background. Ken used these recording for several songs as a master track. After the initial track has been put down, Ken would record himself playing the 12-string guitar on another track. He would then add his 6-string guitar to yet another track…and so on. Lastly, Ken has been using his 12-String guitar to play the top low string like a bass guitar. He slides his finger up and down the fret board to make different sounds…By doing this, it makes the recording more full of detailed guitar playing.

If Ken had to perform any of these songs live, there would be no way he could duplicate all the 8-tracks of music he uses to play each song. Ken has been using a Zoom R8 model mixer which can record 8 tracks (different recordings) at once (hence the name 8-track). On some of the songs, only 3 tracks are needed to get the desired sound.

Soon, Ken will figure out how to add some reverb to his voice through this pretty complicated piece of machinery. When that happens, there is no telling what kind of sound he will be able to get from this cool mixer.

Ken is trying to capture the stereo sound Country Singer Lorrie Morgan has on her website right now as an intro page. When you go to her website, listen to her short video clip of her talking. Her voice sounds so clear in stereo. Lorrie Morgan is Ken’s favorite female singer…she can be found at (http://www.lorrie.com). Also on her page, she features her son, Jesse Keith Whitley, only son of the late Keith Whitley. Keith had several number one hits such as, I’m No Stranger To The Rain, Miami, My Amy, Don’t Close Your Eyes, I Wonder, Do You Think Of Me, and When You Say Nothing At All.

Keith died in May 1989, but his memory and music lives on. Earlier this year, Keith Whitley was inducted into The Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame and his son Jesse was there to accept the award. Jesse can also been heard singing his songs and his version of his dad’s Don’t Close Your Eyes on his Facebook Page. (http://www.facebook.com/jessekeithwhitley)


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