New Music Mix: Jim Croce’s – I Have To Say I Love You In A Song

This morning, Ken mixed a real classic that he has been practicing very often. It is the 1973 hit I have to say I love you in a song. Ken had been learning the song for just over a month before he would attempt to even try to record his version.

Ken wrote to Ingrid Croce, the wife of Jim Croce out in California. He explained he wanted so much to learn Jim’s songs and could she suggest a video that would show Jim playing the song live. Ingrid responded that there were several DVD’s on the song and suggesting a few ‘learning videos’, she sent Ken a whole package of stuff.

Ken would spend hours trying to learn the song properly…and last night, finally decided to attempt the recording. “It went better than I thought. It only took me 9 tries to lay down a one track. Once the base track was down, the rest fell into place”.

I hope everyone listening enjoys Ken’s version of the song.


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