This song was written by Ken around 1993. It is about Ken’s father Gabriel Gilles Menard and how in 1979, Ken’s parents were legally divorced. Ken’s parents separated years before that, but Ken still remembers the moment in time when his Mother and Father had the talk about splitting up. Ken should have been in bed, but for some reason was in the next room listening to his parent’s every word.

Ken’s father lived in Hartford in an apartment at 82 Tremont Street for a while. On weekends, Ken would visit and his Father and he would go bowling, or watch a movie, or just play games / cards.

Several years later, Ken’s Father was taken to the Veterans Home in Rocky Hill, CT to be admitted. He had been living under the worst possible conditions in the dead of winter. For fear he would freeze to death, his five siblings and brother-in-law decided to get Gabe into the VA Home. Gabe lived there for the remainder of his life. Gabe passed away on September 23rd, 2003.

Ken always looked up to his Father; who never spanked him, hit him, or yelled at him. Gabe had such a gentle but firm way of showing his feelings when Ken did wrong. ‘If looks could speak’.