This song was written in about 2 hours during a time when Ken was in a homesick and lonely mood.

The verses were the easiest part…the chorus was a little more challenging. Ken started to remember his time in Palm Beach, Florida when he owned that computer store and did work for many very wealthy customers. This one couple (Keith and Gerri) lived in Palm Beach and were married for 42 years. Gerri had a little bit of a drinking problem and Keith finally just got tied of all the nonsense. He filed for divorce and they went their separate ways. Some of the crazy things Gerri would do was throw a glass of scotch at the wall…and one time she even fired a gun in the house to get Keith’s attention. It is kind of sad that things escalated that far with the two of them. They were really a nice couple.

Ken got the idea for the chorus and a few pieces of the verses from events that took place between Keith and Gerri. They were multi millionaires and had many homes around the country. Keith was always away on business (not really sure what he did for a living) and Gerri would just stay in the Palm Beach Mansion. She had friends she would meet at the Palm Beach Country Club for lunch and go shopping on Worth Avenue. Her favorite place…Tiffanys. Gerri was very generous with her payments and normally rounded everything to the nearest hundred when settling up her invoice.

So the song goes…as a tribute to Keith and Gerri from New York and Palm Beach.