This song is officially released on 11-11-11.

Ken wanted to write a song describing how it feels getting out of the ‘rat race’ and back to a normal life in the mountains.

The song is titled ‘I Survive’ and speaks about being true to one’s self. It is a spiritual awakening that Ken has been going through for the past few months. Not a Buddha thing…nor a Christian thing…it is just becoming a little more spiritual aware.

The times of today seem so crazy…almost insane. Everyone is so hung up on their pride, they cannot be themselves. The economy is crap, our government workers acting like children, and people are hurting financially. Ken writes how he has managed to overcome all that; not waiting for a miracle or praying that he would just die. (as the song goes)

The voice Ken speaks of is his inner voice (we all have one). The inner voice that has conversations with yourself. You know, when you ask yourself, “why did I do that?”, or something similar. Ken is saying that his inner voice no longer talks him into his old bad habits of craziness. He no longer has to ‘keep up with the Jones’.

Ken now watches other people and the strange things they do; completely aware of everything going on around him. Ken is at peace with himself and comfortable within his body…regardless if he is fat, short, balding, etc. He feels almost like he has been reborn with a clear mind…(no more drama).

Ken blends in with everyone else, but if you get a good look at his eyes, they still tell a very tired and worn out story. Ken fights his own demons and tries to keep them away from his day-to-day life. He presses forward…feeling relieved and relaxed, no longer feeling sad and unhappy of his situation.

So Ken survives. He breaks through that emotional prison that kept him from reaching his goals and spiritual achievements. He lives in the hills of North Carolina on the western side of the state. No longer waiting for a miracle to break the viscous cycle in Florida or a bad economy and mounting bills. At times Ken would pray that he would die…but now that has all turned around. Life goes on…and a better person comes out of the past teachings of life.