Memories On My Mind was originally written in 1989 when Ken stopped drinking for a while. He had just ruined a relationship due to his heavy drinking at the time and of course, things were said that could not be taken back.

Ken describes how in the most quiet times of his life, a beautiful memory would come into his mind about the good times of the relationship. Thinking of the good times always brightened Ken’s day and it is expressed in this song.

Memories On My Mind tells the story of time passing by after a break-up and thinking back on the times, it was not all bad…many good things come out of a relationship. Many thoughts of ‘could of, would of, should of’ for example.

When Ken remixed this song this morning, he decided to have some fun with it and put in some harmony in the background. It is supposed to be a memory song that is played over and over in your head. Kind of like dreaming of times gone past. That is how Ken thought up the ‘Oooooh and Aaaahhh’ background of the song.