Released 11/24/2011, Ken wrote this song about change. What it is like when somebody leaves and the other person is left behind. Just about everyone had gone through this at one point in their life…hopefully this song has captured the feeling and sadness that it brings.

The song was supposed to just have a piano playing in the background, but when Ken started recording it on a digital piano/keyboard, he stumbled on a violin sound that the keyboard could make. He never did get the sound levels just right though, the violins are too loud. “The violins actually sound like they are crying…while the voice singing is telling them…it is going to be okay…it is just one moment in time and it will pass”.

Regardless of what is going on in a person’s life, a story can be told in the eyes. If you try to make each day just a little better by doing something different to get you over whatever stumbling block you are trying to overcome, before you know it, enough time will have passed and the stumbling block will be gone. “Keep your sadness under wrap…don’t allow it to take control”.

A simple drive down to the store, or to work, or spending it with others…make sure you put on a fake smile if you have to…don’t let your stumbling block win the battle. Before you know it…time will have passed and you will be out of the woods.