On January 3, 2012, Ken wrote a new song. The idea came to him when flipping through a newspaper; he turned the page and saw all the wedding/engagement announcements. One of the photos showed a very pretty lady who was smiling, but if you looked real hard, she seemed angry at the same time. Ken thought it odd compared to all the other pictures in the paper. So, he decided to write a song about it.

Ken envisioned that she was getting back at her ex-boyfriend (or ex-husband) by putting a bad relationship behind her and getting married again. This song is from the perspective of the ex-boyfriend or (ex-husband) drinking his morning coffee and he just happens to turn the page and sees her picture in the paper after several years. He thinks back to the relationship and…well you’ll have to listen to the song.

Ken wrote this in a matter of hours…the words just seemed to come to him along with the melody.