She’s Still Gone always gets Ken confused with Since You’re Gone. Both were written around the same time and on the same topic. Again, the song was not written about anyone in particular, but on circumstances surrounding one of Ken’s friends that was going through a rough time.

Ken has this fascination about mirrors…you can hear them being mentioned in many of his songs. “When I look into a mirror, it makes me think of all the things that have happened in my life. It is like a time machine…always looking back at how things used to be…even my own reflection changes each time I see myself. Hmmm, that wrinkle wasn’t there before…when the hell did that happen. You know, stuff like that”.

When Ken wrote She’s Still Gone, he still had a drinking problem and would often sit at a bar, think of his problems, and drink some beers.

Ken always wanted a very catchy beat with this song…it was supposed to be sad, but it was also supposed to a party song.