Since You’re Gone was written back in 1988. It was written about the rebound of a broken relationship – one part being glad to be out of a relationship and the other part being lonely that the relationship is over.

Ken did not write this song about anyone in particular, but did get the inspiration from a friend of his that was going through a lot of ups and downs. Ken recently remixed this song in October of 2011 and posted it online with both versions available. He was playing around with some beats in his head and came up with one from a website of drum mixes that caught his attention.

Since You’re Gone is 33 years old this year. This song was one of the songs that were sent out to the Nashville Song Plugger Association with Larry Lee. Ken had a contract with Larry Lee for a while and sent numerous songs to him in the early 1990’s. Since You’re Gone has been played for Producers Tony Brown, Jack Gale, Doug Johnson, Steve Buckingham, and Clyde Brooks. Recording artists BB Watson, Vince Gill, Doug Stone, and Mark Collie have all heard this song.

Ken has once again attempted to tap into the Country Music market by sending his songs to Record Producers in the Nashville area.