Staring Over was written on September 11, 2011 and a copyright protection recorded the same day.

It speaks about Ken having to let go of his pride and selling his store in Florida. Ken broke up his empire, left the house, the business, the dog, and all his friends behind to start a new life closer to his brother and sister. ‘No More Headaches or Drama’ refer to the pains and experiences of owning a small business in this economy. Ken’s relationship was also not going very well and on many occasions ‘drama’ would rule the day.

The white car was Ken’s 2010 VW CC automobile; it still drove well, but not down the same streets or highways anymore. The scenery has changed and there are no more pretentious people he has to deal with anymore. “Living in the mountains can be very peaceful…nature is all around”. There are no more ‘rude people’ like Ken would be exposed to from his store and even a few people he associated with in his personal life.

Ken starting building a childhood game called TOC. It has always been in his family; his father made one out of plywood and lightbright pegs. It was also played with a deck of cards and one would move around the board and try to get all your pegs into your goal. The game was always played by up to four people. Ken wanted to make a six person version, so with the help of his sister and some nice oak planks, he made such a board. Reaching the new horizons is about getting back to the basics again. Ken has always been very fond of music and he wanted to start promoting songs that he wrote to the people back in Nashville.

Although moving to Charlotte has been very adventuresome for Ken, he make many friends. Unless his brother or sister are around, most of the time he could be found dining alone either at home or at a local restaurant. The only home cooked meals are the ones he cooked. Ken’s hair has slowed down with the graying process…probably due to much less stress. “The days go by so long here…probably because I am home all alone most of the time and have decided on what I want to do”.

When Ken looks into the mirror, he sees an aging person that he doesn’t recognize. Lost is that young kid he remembers himself being not so long ago. “The last few years have really taken its toll on me and my aging process…I look like crap, but I am getting better. There is no longer any stress in my life regardless of what gets thrown at me”.

Ken would continue his day-to-day life – not knowing what tomorrow would bring. Honestly, does anyone?