This song was kind of a re-write of an older song. Once Ken got back from Nashville, he wanted to apply some of the things he learned to older songs to make them better. Re-writing a song that was ‘not-so-good’ into a great song is not an easy thing. By trying, Ken came out with a totally new song all together.

This song was inspired about an old mirror that has been in his family a long time. If one came somehow play back all the things a mirror must have seen over the years, it would be a wonderful memory of the past. Ken tried to capture that and put it in a song. He also wanted to use some of those different chord progressions that he had learned from the Nashville instructor Steve Leslie. “I have many songs that use the ‘BM’ chord…but Steve Leslie would also invoke an ‘F#’ to give it a little unexpected contrast. When I was writing this song, I purposely did the same chord progressions Steve Leslie would have used”.

This is also the very first song Ken has ever written that has a ‘Bridge’ after the chorus. A bridge is a contrasted partial verse or highlight to get across more information in a short time. It usually off-sets the song when it is sounding too ‘blah’. This bridge was actually a verse in the first writings.

Some say this song is a little creepy…but Ken thinks it is very common for people to kind of fear a mirror and everything it must have seen over the years.

“…But now I see, an image reflecting back to me, of a face who’s seen years of news…”