On October 25, 2011, Ken successfully recorded this ‘unrecorded’ song out of his archives. Unfortunately, there was no recording of this song on any tapes or CD’s. After several days of pondering over the lyrics and trying to remember how this song was sung, Ken attempted the recording. There was only one mistake in the recording, but it took so much out of Ken to sing it, he decided not to try to do it again. As it was, it took him 6 tries to get this version. The mistake is when he is singing the last verse ‘Tell me now so I’ll relax’ – somehow it sounds like he said ‘Tell me now so I’ll re-blax’. A fumble over words.

This song was written about a relationship back in the early 90’s when Ken lived in Manchester, CT across from Wickham Park, right on the East Hartford / Manchester town line. Ken enjoyed the relationship for some reason she seemed very distant whenever visiting. Many times she would spend the night; yet it felt like Ken was alone. “She just would not open up to me and it always seemed there was somewhere else she wanted to be. It was a very odd relationship, but a very memorable one”.